Glass Sculptures in Hong Kong
stain glass artists

In recent years I have been involved in making several exterior glass sculptures. These have been exciting to do I think we are creating a relatively new language, exploring ways glass can be used as an external sculptural medium.

In 2018/19, we created a series of glass features for a single garden on a hilltop overlooking Hong Kong. We were working with the brilliant landscape designer, Randle Siddeley. There were the ‘Frozen Fountain’ sculptures. We made five of these monolithic pieces. The tallest was 2.8m above ground. They made up a little family group. They are still some of my favourite pieces. They are designed to withstand extreme wind loads because of their exposed location to the typhoons that come in from the Pacific. I like to think of them as growing slowly up from the earth.

We also designed and made this wall in the garden. It adds lots of depth to the overall space – the sense of a forest disappearing into the background. This could be a free standing wall or a retaining wall. Retaining walls are a great context where a glass artwork has much to offer – see Blog

More recently we made a series of sculptures for another landscape project. These were acting as sculptures AND as wind barriers and needed to be at least 3m tall to fulfil this role. Altogether we made ten separate pieces, some tied together to create the needed wind obstructing walls…

In April we will be installing six more pieces in another garden in Hong Kong.

I am consumed with other ideas of shapes and forms we could create in glass that would bring colour, sparkle and reflection to any environment.

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